Introducing LUZ Collection

Posted by Chantale Breceda on

LUZ Collection was born from wanderlust and curiosity.

LUZ was founded in 2013 by Chantale De Breceda, who began importing textiles from Mexico for her store YES in Los Angeles. After YES closed at the end of 2017 De Breceda turned importing into a full time job. She works directly with artists in various regions of Mexico to bring her own designs to life and to source traditional designs. The LUZ catalogue reflects a commitment to work with artisans using natural materials and traditional techniques.

De Breceda is a citizen of the Métis Nation of British Columbia and a descendant of the Cowessess and Flying Dust First Nations of Saskatchewan.
She brings her perspective as an indigenous person to her business practices and is guided by the principles of respect, reciprocity, relevance and responsibility in her work ethic.

Although LUZ Collection is not certified free trade, we make every effort to work using fair trade guidelines.