Cotton Tie Dye Parachute Pants - Three Colours

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Color Pink

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These woven cotton pants are our new favourite thing! Comfy and cozy and way cuter than sweats. Perfect for yoga, beach time, and of course, zoom meetings.

Drawstring waist, one size, the waist measurement extends to a maximum of 42 inches, inseam is 27 inches. 100% cotton.

All of our apparel items come packaged in a re-usable, handmade, all natural palm envelope.

Handmade in Mexico

LUZ Collection was born from wanderlust and curiosity. The LUZ catalogue reflects a commitment to work with artisans using natural materials and traditional techniques.

Handmade with intention

LUZ works directly with artists in various regions of Mexico to bring its own designs to life and to source traditional designs. Although LUZ Collection is not certified free trade, we make every effort to work using fair trade guidelines.